Hide GUI elements without disabling GameObjects using Playmaker custom action

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Working on my current project in Unity I encountered situation when I need to hide/unhide some GUI elements. The first easiest solution that comes to mind is just disabling/enabling GameObject using following piece of code:
I quickly refused this solution and here are 2 main reasons:

  • You can’t interact with disabled gameobjects and their components from script
  • You can’t change states and send events to disabled gameobjects using PlayMaker FSMs

I started looking for some workaround… Read More

Nuclear NapalmHide GUI elements without disabling GameObjects using Playmaker custom action

Top 10 of Ludum Dare #31 – The most beautiful, weird and innovative games

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Hello there! The last week of Ludum Dare #31 voting almost over. We will know the winners soon, but for know I want to share with you some cool stuff. Like previous time it’s going to be my personal best of LD31. There are a lot of nice, polished games and you definitely should check them. But this time I picked games that really can stand out of the crowd. Some of them have beautiful atmosphere (like “Orion”), other have unexpected plot twists (like “Fill the bar” & “Pony island”), some have truly innovative game-mechanics (“OMNI”)… Ok, ok, enough spoilers! Here is my personal Top 10 of Ludum Dare #31! Theme – Entire game on one screen.Read More

Nuclear NapalmTop 10 of Ludum Dare #31 – The most beautiful, weird and innovative games

Last Ark – My Ludum Dare 31 compo entry

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Last Ark - Ludum Dare 31 compo entry


Roguelike survival about artificial life in deep space after the end of the Earth.


  • Last Ark Screenshot 
  • Last Ark Screenshot 
  • Last Ark Screenshot 
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Nuclear NapalmLast Ark – My Ludum Dare 31 compo entry

Art of pewdieDieDIE

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Pewds wallslideWhat’s up bros? indiesVSpewdiepie game jame is over, now it’s voting week. Final results will be announced soon, but before I want to tell you about art of pewdieDieDIE, my jam entry (you can play it on GameJolt or directly in my blog). You can find link to download all art-assets at the end of this post (it’s absolutely free, I won’t sue you, I promise).  All assets were created bu GIMP. If interested how I set up my GIMP to work like  Photoshop, please feel free to check this post. So, let’s start!Read More

Nuclear NapalmArt of pewdieDieDIE

pewdieDieDIE!!! – “IndiesVSpewdiepie” jam entry

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Hahahow it’s going bros my name is… Nuclear Napalm :) Last couple weeks were pretty intense, so I decided to take a short break from “Evacuation” project and participate in 2 game jams – IndiesVsPewdiepie by GameJolt and LudumDare 31. So now I’m proud to present you my IndiesVsPewdiepie jam entry called “pewdieDieDIE!!!”Read More

Nuclear NapalmpewdieDieDIE!!! – “IndiesVSpewdiepie” jam entry

Ludum Dare #30 – Lessons Learned

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Ludum Dare Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Ludum Dare #30 is getting closer to finish line. I think it’s time to look back and try to analyze overall approach: what mistakes were made, what lessons I learned and how it can be improved for the next competitions. There are not only lessons learned, but also tip’n’tricks that can be useful for newcomers and for veterans of LD and game-jams. This post is not about the competition itself. If you’re interested in my project in details you can check “The Beginning – Postmortem”. This material based on my Ludum Dare experience, but is relevant for almost any game-jam. It’s gonna be wall of text, so be patient and let’s start…
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Nuclear NapalmLudum Dare #30 – Lessons Learned

My Top15 of Ludum Dare #30

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What’s up guys! Today I have something really cool for you. As I mentioned before, I played and watched several hundred LD30 entries. There are tons of cool games, but I want to share with you my personal Top15 of Ludum Dare 30. It contains entries from both 48 hours Compo and Jam. If you didn’t play some this games yet, then you definitely should. They’re all worth it. Btw, I don’t insist and don’t try to convince you. I just want to share my personal opinion and I hope you will find something interesting here. All entries unsorted and appear in (almost) random order.

So, enough talking, let’s check and play some cool games! Theme – Connected worlds.
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Nuclear NapalmMy Top15 of Ludum Dare #30

The Beginning – Postmortem

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Greeting my dear friends! Nice to see you again. One week has passed after Ludum Dare 30 deadline. I had enough sleep, played a lot of (300 actually) LD’s entries and also I’ve got a lot of feedbacks about my game “the Beginning”. I think it’s a good time to write a postmortem and share some thoughts about competition. Here we go!

Spoilers Alert!
Attention! Following post contains spoilers! PLAY THE GAME BEFORE READING! 
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Nuclear NapalmThe Beginning – Postmortem

How to transform GIMP into Photoshop

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Hello there! In this post I want to talk about one of the most important tool in game development – the graphics editor. In particular how to transform GIMP into Photoshop and how to set up and tweak it for your needs.

 This post explains how to set up a Windows version of GIMP.
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Nuclear NapalmHow to transform GIMP into Photoshop