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Pewds wallslideWhat’s up bros? indiesVSpewdiepie game jame is over, now it’s voting week. Final results will be announced soon, but before I want to tell you about art of pewdieDieDIE, my jam entry (you can play it on GameJolt or directly in my blog). You can find link to download all art-assets at the end of this post (it’s absolutely free, I won’t sue you, I promise).  All assets were created bu GIMP. If interested how I set up my GIMP to work like  Photoshop, please feel free to check this post. So, let’s start!

Main Character

The biggest point of interest of almost all games is main character, so let speak about him first.

In this game main character is, obviously, PewDiePie. The main character has standard set of animations:

  • idle
  • walk
  • jump
  • hit
  • wallslide (not so standard, but who cares)

But the main feature of character is facial expressions. They make him more funnier and give to player more visual feedback. So, basically, main character contains 2 separated parts – body and head. Each part has it’s own animations and can play independently. Head has 3 states:

  • Idle

    Pewds walk animation 

  • Scared

    Pewds scared 

  • Hit

    Pewds hit

With this approach we can have a lot of combinations like body_idle+head_idle, body_idle+head_scared, body_walk+head_idle, etc.

When character move left and right I just simply flip both sprites (body and head).


Static objects

The first thing that I’ve made for environment  is a simple background representing the room (the chamber of torture, actually) :

I wanted to separate yellow-gray bricks from dark-blue background to make it clear for player where the collision boxes are. Then I created some large objects to place on the level:

  • Barrel


  • Ammo Crate

    Ammo Crate

  • Butcher’s table

    Butcher's table

  • Floor plate

    Floor plate

Since all of them are separated sprites, I can place then  wherever I want. I also tinted and dimed some sprites to create feeling that these objects far from camera in the far corners of the room. This trick creates great feeling of volume.

Modular chains

For small objects I used chains, I think it’s perfect fit for chamber of torture environment. I didn’t want to draw all chains individually, so I decided to use “modular” approach – create several basic elements and combine them different ways to create some variety. I created 4  basic pieces:

  • Ceiling hook

    Chain ceiling hook

  • Chain Straight

    Chain straight

  • Chain round

    Chain round

  • Hook

    Chain hook

I dimed and tinted color of chains as well.

Iron maiden Bob

This what I’m proud of :) This is the only animated object on background but it creates funny mood:

Bob Animation

Destructable blocks

I thought that empty room is pretty boring in terms of gameplay, so I decided to add some platforms to navigate level… but… to make it even more interesting I also decided to make them destructable! I created 5 damage states for each platform (horizontal and vertical) to give player more visual feedback about how soon this platform will be destroyed:

  • Horizontal block

    Horizontal block animation

  • Vertical block

    Vertical block animation

With all this stuff I ended up with this level:



In this game you can find 4 different enemies:

  • Machine gun


  • Homing missle

    Homing missle

  • Grenade


  • Shuriken


I won’t explain how they work, just play the game ;)


Puff FXMost FXs in the game implemented through standard Unity particles. The only sprite FX I made for this game is “Puff” FX which plays on destroy of shuriken and homing missile.

Result screen

Assets for result screen not actually FXs, but I decided to include them to this section anyway. There only 2 new sprites:

  • Rainbow


  • Unicorn


And result screen looks like this:

Result screen


So, that’s it! I hope you found something useful in this article. As I promised, here the link to download all art assets used in this jam entry:

Download pewdieDieDIE art assets

See you on upcoming Ludum Dare #31!

Nuclear NapalmArt of pewdieDieDIE

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