Nuclear Napalm AvatarHello, my fellow reader! I’m glad to see you here. Seriously. Thank you. On this page you won’t find any “useful” information. I just want to say “hi” and tell you a little bit about myself and Nuclear Napalm. They say it’s polite… Well, I hope so. You definitely can skip it if you are more interested in topics dedicated to game development and game design. I’ll cover it a bit later. You will lose nothing, trust me.

So, let me start…

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Andrey and I’m a game designer…
the most boring introduction ever.

I made my first game when I was 13.
Anyway, yes, my name is Andrey. I’m from Russia, but currently I’m living in Shanghai. Married. Working in game development industry since 2009, but I’ve started making games much earlier.

I made my first game when I was 13. I was learning Visual Basic programming at school so I was able to create some simple programs. You know, creating “computer programs” is really boring for 13 years old boy. So I decided to make a GAME. It was a simple top-down 2d endless runner called “Biker boy” (so lame). You control a biker using WASD or arrow keys and try to maneuver and avoid other bikers and cars on a highway. The game was quite simple, even primitive, but full of fun. Actually it was my first success. After that I told myself “I WANNA MAKE GAMES ALL MY ENTIRE LIFE!”…

When I was studying at a university, I started learning 3d graphics – 3ds max, XSI, ZBrush. I even tried to do some freelance job as 3d artist. When I graduated from university, I was looking for full-time job, but quickly realised that I didn’t have enough skills to work as a full-time 3d-artist. I was upset, but still tried to find a way to get into the game industry. Thankfully my skills in 3d art and programming/scripting I found a job on position of level-designer. At this point my professional career get started.

Professional career

I spent first 3 years working on 2 MMORPG projects.

My best of luck is that I’ve been hired by ZeptoLab.
The first one – Northern Blade, PvP-focused MMORPG with non-target system. Unfortunately this project was closed by publisher. The Second one – Skyforge. At this moment, after 4 years it’s still in development stage… This is one of main reasons why I don’t like to work in big companies on massive projects. The development cycle is soooooooo loooooong. So I think it was a wise decision to quit this project as soon as possible.

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My next stop was a mobile market. Small projects, short production cycle, rapidly growing audience – sounds awesome.
My best of luck is that I’ve been hired by ZeptoLab. This is a great team which makes great games. I took part as a game designer in all projects of the company – Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Experiment, Cut the Rope 2, Pudding Monsters. I was lead game designer on Cut the Rope: Time Travel (you can even find my name in credits). Also I met my beloved wife at ZeptoLab. 

I told myself “I wanna make games all my entire life!”

After almost 2 years in ZeptoLab I decided that it’s time to move further. So, I left company on my own will and went to Shanghai. Now I live and work here in China, traveling Asia, looking for new adventures and emotions.

 Why you should read this another indie-dev blog?

It’s up to you, actually. That’s why I would read this or similar blog:

  • I like games.
  • I like indie games.
  • I like games made by this particular developer.
  • I wondering how to make games.
  • I wondering what tools other developers use and how they use them.
  • It’s interesting to know how people solve problems.
  • It’s even more interesting to know how they fail trying solve the problems.
  • I know an author in person.
  • I was paid for reading this blog…

Anyway, I hope that you will find something interesting and useful in this blog.

So, what’s next?

Let’s say that boring and not interesting part is coming to the end! Hurray! In following posts I will tell you about my current project that I’m working on. It’s in early development stage. So you can follow this project from the very beginning to the end whatever it will be. I gonna post not just common generic things like an “official announcements”, but also some interesting thing about development process, WIP art, prototypes, funny cats…
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See ya!

Best regards,
Andrey aka Nuclear Napalm.

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