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What’s up bros? indiesVSpewdiepie game jame is over, now it’s voting week. Final results will be announced soon, but before I want to tell you about art of pewdieDieDIE, my jam entry (you can play it on GameJolt or directly in my blog). You can find link to download all art-assets at the end of this post (it’s absolutelytely free, I won’t sue you, I promise). All assets were created bu GIMP. If interested how I set up my GIMP to work like Photoshop, please feel free to check this post. So, let’s start!

Nuclear NapalmArt of pewdieDieDIE

pewdieDieDIE!!! – “IndiesVSpewdiepie” jam entry

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ahahow it’s going bros my name is… Nuclear Napalm :) Last couple weeks were pretty intense, so I decided to take a short break from “Evacuation” project and participate in 2 game jams – IndiesVsPewdiepie by GameJolt and LudumDare 31. So now I’m proud to present you my IndiesVsPewdiepie jam entry called “pewdieDieDIE!!!”. 

Nuclear NapalmpewdieDieDIE!!! – “IndiesVSpewdiepie” jam entry